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Beno bath invite you to join us
Join conditions:

1. Identity Beno bathroom business philosophy and corporate culture.

2. Familiar with the local building materials market, for developing the local market have sufficient confidence and enthusiasm.

3. There is an operational line market capacity and economic strength, brand awareness and experience of the operation

4. Guaranteed to fulfill a contract to join Beno sanitary and service standards

Joining process:
First, the Franchise Application: Dealer fill out an application to join and submit your application

Second, the primary assessment:
1, the application submitted by the applicant to assess
2, the company sent to the examination and evaluation site visits, the first door on the business premises and accurate measurement, and take pictures before the renovation, the scope and variety series prediction purchase quantity.

Third, the approval stage: with the applicant sign the franchise agreement

Fourth, the renovation phase: Applicants prepare for store product display layout plan and determine the time and Opened decoration

Five, opening preparation:
1, one month before starting, good product procurement plans in order to prepare goods by the company
2, pre-opening preparations related matters: office supplies, staffing, business plans, staff training, promotional activities, advertising materials, etc. Opened
3, commodity purchase, officially opened

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